5 Amazing Tips to Designing your Unforgettable Honeymoon

Unlock the secrets of transforming a cookie-cutter itinerary to a bespoke experience

Uncover and avoid the common mistakes that keep you trapped looking for "deals"

Learn how to expand your plans to include more without overspending

Design a bespoke experience


Only 25% of honeymoon couples have their dream honeymoon!

Know before you plan

Knowing industry averages will help you plan without the guess work out of the process.

Manage your experience with "Best Practices"

The power of location

Where you go, what you do and what's available to you will make a major impact in the kind of experience you have.

This is your time to dream

Cookie-cutter or custom maker

You're designing an experience that you can treasure forever not an itinerary that you roll up in a ball and throw in the trash.

Plan according to the difference.

Error free, stress-free and worry-free

Not all deals are of value, not all pics are recent and not all packages are inclusive.

Having the knowledge to make choices based on value is a must.

Honeymoon Trends

You may be thinking of trading in the traditional honeymoon options for more exotic experiences such as island-hopping and/or resort hopping.

New adventures gives you a chance to experience multiple destination and satisfy your individual desires for the honeymoon without compromising.

The days of cookie-cutter honeymoons are not in. It's a special occasion and demands special attention

The Allure of the Exotic

Could it be that you're finding the allure of Greece, Italy, Paris, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand more than you can suppress. This past year, I've had couples this year who opted for the romance of Paris and Rome.

Another couple wanted the outdoors of Australia while one couple opted for Prague. You may have already vacationed in accessible and affordable destinations such as the Caribbean and Mexico and now you want more.

Over-water Bungalows

What are you dreaming of? An over-Water Bungalows that offer the luxury and romance we have seen in Tahiti and the Maldives?

You don't need to travel for 17 hours. Mexico and Jamaica is only a couple hours from Atlanta and you get spoiled rotten in your over-water luxury suite at Sandals Royal Caribbean or El Dorado Maroma.

Ask how to make this dream a reality! It's not elusive!

It's your time to get swept away in love and luxury!